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2900 | All You Need is LOVE

February is the month of showing that extra love and appreciation for that special someone in your life. It can be overwhelming and very expensive to come up with something each year. The key is to not overspend on gifts but to include the small touches that your loved ones will appreciate.

Here are some creative and inexpensive gift ideas!

1. Make a card (or at least include one). Write a heartfelt, sentiment note and couple it with your gift.

2. Put a twist on the plain old box of chocolate. Unwrap the box before you present it and beneath each chocolate, insert a slip of paper that says something you love about your partner. You could also write down favorite memories or song that remind you of that special someone.

3. Eat in. Prepare a nice dinner with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Don’t forget to set the mood with your favorite Spotify station.

4. Share a playlist of the songs that have been special to your courtship. Include your “song,” songs from movies you’ve seen together, and songs with lyrics that are meaningful to your relationship.

5. Cozy up and play your favorite game of cards.

6. Write 100 things you love about them and slip it under their dinner plate. Or write down 100 of your favorite memories that you’ve spent together so far.

7. Save some money by planning a lunch out, instead of a dinner. You’ll spend less on lunch and then you’ll have the entire day to do something together. During the meal you spend together, make a special point to listen more than you talk. Ask questions. Make them feel engaged and truly heard.

8. Share a favorite recreational activity together. Do you both love to hike, bike, run or ski? Plan an outing that involves your favorite (free) and shared activity.

9. Make an inexpensive photo book that documents your relationship. Online photo processing sites make it simple to create a nicely designed book. Or you can save money by purchasing an inexpensive photo book and filling it out yourself. Another idea: frame a favorite photo of the two of you together.

10. If you have a little money to spare, look for online jewelry coupons. Some of the leading online jewelers have special coupon codes for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and many have deep discounts on “deals of the day.” You can also easily find deals on other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, including roses and chocolates.

Combine several of the ideas to be sure they will remember this Valentine’s Day for years to come!